Online payment service
We make payments to bank cards
Convenient settlements with a large number of clients
We work with the following systems: VISA, Master Card, MIR
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Payments to cards can be useful for the following:
Conducting promotions
with cash prizes
Collaborating with a large
number of freelancers
Regular payments to affiliates
in affiliate programs
Issuance of loans and credits
Settlements with suppliers
of goods and services
Transferring payments of
betting companies
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Why Payouts with YeezyPay?
Convenient methods of topping up your balance
Top up your balance using popular cryptocurrencies and stable coins, SEPA, SWIFT and others
No development is necessary
Download the payout register directly into
your personal account
Detailed transaction history
You will have all the details of your transactions, with the ability to upload data
for analytics
Our solution is suitable for the following:
Affiliate programs Make regular payments to your affiliates
Taxi companies Daily transfer of money to
Microfinance organizations Transfer money to your clients'
Car dealers Buy a car through the Trade-In system immediately after the assessment and technical inspection
Pawn shops Transfer loans to cards
immediately after valuation of
Cleaning Pay fees to your contractors as soon as the order is closed
Register in the system and get access to your personal account. Registration will take no more than 5 minutes
Yeezypay will transfer funds to your customers' cards, and you will have access to the history of all
Getting started
with Yeezypay is very easy
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Get the necessary details to top up your balance.
Download the payout register and confirm the transfer of fund
Top up your balance using the method that is convenient for you
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Our Telegram: @yeezypay